West Texas RV Park Life - Survival Guide

For those of you that have never been to West Texas and stayed at an RV Park or camping area, there are some significant weather conditions to be aware of. First thing’s first, there are what I like to consider two seasons: brutal, hot summer and frigid, cold winter. There is really no in-between.

Let’s examine some survival tips for the summer (Satan’s Season). I have found that covering all windows with a reflective material such as mylar (the stuff used for emergency blankets), foam board with a reflective outer layer which can be bought at Lowe’s or Home Depot in 4 ft. x 4 ft. sheets, or good ol’ aluminum foil work best. This will reduce the amount of heat from the sun entering through the windows. Second, make sure to keep your a/c unit filter clean (usually once every couple of weeks should be enough). Third, if possible, find an RV park that has covered parking for your trailer. Canaan Meadows RV Park is an up and coming park that does have covered RV spaces available.

Now on to the next season, winter (The Polar Vortex Season). Temperatures can drop into the teens from time to time. With that being said, RVs and travel trailers do not have sufficient insulation for these conditions. I recommend getting a good heated hose such as the Camco heated drinking water hose (pictured below). It will keep water from freezing in temperatures as low as -20 degrees F. As far as heating the inside of the trailer, make sure to have plenty of propane. Two 30 lb. bottles should work fine, but you will probably be filling them up on a monthly basis. There are larger tanks available, but they can be a pain to carry around when traveling. Only use the heater that is built into the RV or travel trailer. DO NOT use electric or kerosene heaters. Not only is this a fire hazard, but this will not help to keep the pipes inside the trailer (the ones that run the underpinning and the floor) warm enough. Most trailers’ water lines are built next to the duct of the heater to keep them warm in cold temperatures. That is why running the built-in heater works best. Once again, finding an RV Park with covered spaces will be the best option, because we do have freezing rain and snow on occasion.

Covered parking will help keep your trailer out of the elements and make your roof, window seals, and door seals last longer. I hope that these survival tips will help you on your excursions through the beautiful lands of West Texas. Safe travels on the open road and God Bless.

Dustin Dean,

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